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Alterola is paving the way for nutraceutical, functional and medicinal delivery systems for the benefit of patients and shareholders.

Our mission at Alterola Biotech Inc. is to bring innovative intellectual property for both nutraceutical/functional chewing gum and in the future medicinal chewing gum to market. Alterola is ardently researching new ways to use chewing gum as a medicinal delivery system, expanding on the kinds of applications chewing gum has been used for in the past. Alterola expects to reveal functional chewing gum for new applications already by the last quarter of 2013 and medical chewing gum in the future.

Alterola strives to improve the health and quality of life for millions of people all over the world who are unable to take ordinary over-the-counter medication. As much as 40% of the adult population and an even greater percentage of the adolescent population have difficulties swallowing pills, and Alterola’s solutions will greatly benefit them. Our strategy is to build on the anticipated success of our current main products, while continually researching new applications where gum can be used for medicinal delivery. We have already expanded the field of applications, and will continue to be at the forefront of medicinal chewing gum research in years to come for the benefit of patients and investors alike.