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Below you will see a list of the products Alterola Biotech Inc aim to develop and market. Click to read more.

Nutraceutrical Chewing Gum

These products are currently under development and Alterola is filing patents to protect their ingredients

Appetite suppressor
Cholesterol suppressor
Motion sickness
Vitamin gum

Pharmaceutical Chewing Gum

These products have been identified for future development


"Unfortunately, up to 40% of the adult population are unable to swallow pills."
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Nutraceuticals Market Players to Find Promising Growth Opportunities
With several consumers looking at nutraceuticals as a means to fortify their daily dietary intake and also as an alternative to OTC drugs, the outlook for the global nutraceuticals market looks positive.
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World Chewing Gum Market Research Report 2015-2019
Global Chewing Gum Market 2015-2019 is the latest addition to Sandlerresearch.org industry research reports collection. The analysts forecast global chewing gum market to grow at CAGRs of CGAR of 5.64% over 2014-2019.
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In the year 2020: Global nutraceuticals market 7% annual growth forecast
Growth here explained why botanicals were the fastest growing nutraceutical type. The report found the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America were the biggest regional consumers of health nutrients with Latin America, Africa and the Middle East taking a much smaller slice of the pie.
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